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My name is Yakov. Don't ask me where I'm from, Американский. Because honestly, you don't want to know. Now pick yourself up and get out of here, before I decide to put you down for good.

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Mun and muse are both of legal age. Sebatian Stan is face claim for this account.

Tracking the tag honeybucky.

Hey guys! As a super huge thanks for following me, I’ve decided to give away a whole STACK of comics! Including some currently hot ticket issues!

Here’s the list of things I’m giving away;

1.) Issues 1-3 Enigma Force Incredible Hulks, Dark Son.
2.) Age of Ultron, 2-3.
3.) House of M- Civil War #1
4.) Superman, Fee Comicbook day Issue#1
5.) Winter Soldier, issue #1
6.) Mint Unopened Ultimates Issue #1
7.) Ultimates 2-3
9.) Bleeding Cool/ Share your universe Comic Magazines
10.) Thor First Thunder Issues 1-4.
11.) Guardians of the Galaxy, issue #1, variant 

12.) New Avengers Collections volumes 1 and 2.
13.) Thor Issue #1
14.) Thor, Reign of Blood #1

Wow! That’s a lot of cool stuff you could be getting, especially the unopened ultimates collector package, and the two vintage comics in plastic displays. That, and I will promo 5 lucky random picks for a week after the contest ends as an additional bonus. Here’s how it works:

a.) You MUST be following me, I will check. Keep in mind this is a Role Playing account. Don’t follow just for the goodies then unfollow after its over, that’s mean. ;; A;

b.) Likes and Reblogs both count. You may reblog it as many times as you like.

c.) Shipping to anywhere, no country restriction. Please have your asks turned on for the duration of the event so that I may contact you to receive shipping info.

d.) This even goes from now until April 4th, the day the Winter Soldier comes out in Canada! So get in on it while you can! Thanks guys!

Good luck everyone!

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