Мудак Лютик

My name is Yakov. Don't ask me where I'm from, Американский. Because honestly, you don't want to know. Now pick yourself up and get out of here, before I decide to put you down for good.

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((Hey everybody, I’m a particularly dumb whore today.))


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Okay I am writing a thing, who wants to be my beta editor for my Levi x Eren Mafia! AU fanfic? ;;^;?

I was gonna tell you guys about her. We finally found some help, two apprentices. The one girl we were going to hire never showed up, so what evs, right? Well we hired this girl and on the first day I caught her grinding aluminum without a face shield on.

Four times. I mean we finally wrangled her down to wear one but it’s ultimately her choice if she wants to get a firey hot piece of super soft and thin metal stuck in her eye? IDK I’m just trying to work on a job for Badger Daylighting in the corner so it’s like

So then she asks like a million questions all the time about simple stuff and my dad and I are so backed up that we are working on projects that were due LAST MONTH. Mkay. Srsly. Then she spent all her time texting in the bathroom? And she had a waitressing job? And she worked really late then didn’t show up today so we just kind of let her go. She has to pick her shit up tomorrow. Ugh that’s gonna be a shitshow. But IDK I haven’t talked to you guys in forever since our business partner caught flesh eating disease and they cut open his whole arm from the thumb all the way up to the bicep. ;;^; I have been working so much and I’m so stressed djjdn ugh. I miss you guys. Love me.