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My name is Yakov. Don't ask me where I'm from, Американский. Because honestly, you don't want to know. Now pick yourself up and get out of here, before I decide to put you down for good.

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Aggressive/Dramatic Zuko that make me giggle.

Zuko is basically the most perfectly accurate teenager ever to appeal on TV.

raise your glass for the type-A insecure teenagers torn between an intense desire to please and a passionate wish that the world might hopefully implode and crush everyone before dinnertime

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how anthony mackie got knocked out filming captain america (x)

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we don’t just need feminism, we need lisa simpson feminism




The best part about the Simpsons was it was written all by educated men that wanted to be comedians but saw things wrong with the world and wanted change.


((I am now following 400 blogs.  Oh god I need to prune.))

Im following 900 somebody fucking help me shear this shit I cant do the thing alone ;;3;

* Slides down curtains*

reblog if it’s 100% okay for mutuals to tag you in a starter

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i should nOT BE tuRNED ON BY THAT 

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気持ち良いにゃにゃよ! にゃにゃにゃ!? にゃにゃ? むむむっ? むむっ?