Мудак Лютик

My name is Yakov. Don't ask me where I'm from, Американский. Because honestly, you don't want to know. Now pick yourself up and get out of here, before I decide to put you down for good.

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Our business partner at work has flesh eating disease. We don’t know how he is going to turn out or if anything will be okay, and it’s a welding buisiness. We lost two guys and are having a hell of a time finding more. Right now it’s just me and my dad with an overwhelming amount of jobs to do. So I have picked up as many hours as I can, and have been coming home covered in aluminum dust for the past few days.

So I haven’t been on at all. Our business partner, and LONG time family friend- Al, is in real danger of losing his arm. And maybe his life. So right now I’m a bit on edge- I couldn’t handle it if anything happened to him. He practically raised me with my dad. So I’m sorry for the lack of anything and am announcing a mini hiatus. Which isn’t to say that I won’t be on at all, just don’t expect much is all I’m saying. Sorry everyone! ;;^;


Sie sind das essen und where did my life go


Calm down , Corporal 

Anyone mind if I jump into their inbox with a starter?

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Guys I’m gonna have an anxiety attack. I’m in a new place my parents are gone and I feel like I’m gonna throw up.

It’s okay bbu. Do you wanna do a Skype call or something? Don’t worry about being in a new place, you still have your old friends with you. ;; A;